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Our Mission:


Our Story:

We started in 2008 when a mountain biker saw the need for high performance socks with superior moisture-wicking and an incredible fit. Today, based out of Franklin, Tennessee, we are an international brand developing performance socks for all of your adventures.

We believe in the pursuit of greatness. Life is a journey, and we strive to enjoy it every step of the way. Moving our bodies, enjoying nature, letting our guards down, making a difference in our communities, and using travel as a catalyst to dig deep inside our souls - this is what keeps us going every day.

All of our products are made in the USA using the most sustainable practices available to us. We believe in giving back and partnering with organizations that share our mission. We are excited to empower others to chase their adventures, too, one step at a time.


Our Values


We believe that quality matters, that's why we create the best products through attention to design, development and detail.

Stand For Something

We stand for supporting our communities, humanity, and the world at large. This is why Swiftwick is sustainably made in the USA and a percentage of all proceeds goes to organizations that help make our communities a better place.

Growth Mindset

We believe that joy comes from constant growth and it drives us to learn, explore and do better for ourselves, each other, and the world.


We believe that freedom is best experienced by getting outside and pushing our limits.

Humility & Grace

Try, fail, and begin again. No one is perfect, and life can be messy, but we’re here to support each other.


Our Commitments:

We are committed to providing each customer with the best experience possible. If you are unsatisfied with a Swiftwick product, reach out to us and we will take care of you.

We produce durable products, made in the USA, using the most sustainable practices available to reduce garment miles, minimize waste, and reduce energy consumption.

We craft high quality products with innovative technology and a greater focus on sustainability to create a positive impact on our local communities.

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